Student Work: Ollin Venegas (Brown U) and Zak Ziebell

From Left to Right: Ollin Venegas and Zac Ziebell

When teaching high school students about traumatic brain injuries (TBI), such as concussions, it is often difficult for students to visualize the structural consequences when the damage occurs within the confines of a skull.

But what if there was a way to provide students with a replica of a human brain that can be used in a live demonstration of a TBI? Moreover, what if this replica was cost-efficient and could be replicated via 3D printing technology? This is what Zak Ziebell (Brown|RISD 2019) and Ollin Venegas (3rd year medical student at Alpert Medical School) want to create. By utilizing the ArtecSpider 3D Scanner at the Nature Lab, they hope to create a mold from a real human brain that can be used for this exact purpose.

Text provided by Ollin Venegas

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