Equipment Policies and Procedures

Part of our mission is to provide access and training on Nature Lab equipment for all RISD faculty, staff and students who wish to explore nature at multiple scales. Some equipment may be checked out for overnight use, including the high speed cameras, GPS units, and structure sensors. Check-out is linked to I.D. cards, and late fees, where applicable, will be assessed.

To check out a piece of equipment, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Training on the equipment. Use this form to schedule a training session with our cadre of Graduate Research Assistants.
  • Complete a Check-out Agreement Form
  • Proof of current insurance, at the appropriate level, for the item(s) checked out. Insurance coverage required for the Edgertronic camera is $6,000, for the structure sensor, $1,000 and GPS units, $500. Faculty, please contact us for amounts on faculty-only equipment. Some people will already have insurance that covers these types of loans: please check with your insurance company. All others, please read on:


If you expect to check-out an item frequently throughout the year, annual insurance is available through College Student Insurance here.

For those students and faculty expecting to use the items infrequently during the year, there is short-term insurance available through Heffernan Insurance Brokers here.

There are also short term and long term renter's policies available through

Another quick and affordable option for short-term renter's insurance is via Lemonade.

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